Thursday, October 28, 2010

A little Christmas shopping

I have been doing a bit of Christmas shopping for my girls, I want this holiday season to be non stressful :) so I am trying to get Christmas shopping done early. I bought one of these make your own long dog kits for each of my girls, I think they will have so much fun making them. Aren't they adorable?

photo from Alli Coate

Then I decided it would be fun to find a cute print of each of my girls favorite animal that they can hang by their beds. This calico turtle is for Jade.

photo from June Craft

This wiener dog is for Kinsley.

photo from Boy Girl Party

This cat print is for Sage.

Then I will be making a couple other things for each of them and that will be it from Mom and Dad :) I try to not do a ton because my children are spoiled by their grandparents, and they just don't need alot of things.
Now I better make sure they don't see this post :)


Domestica said...

First off, I adore June CRaft's everything - we carry the kits and long dogs and a slew of her prints + I love her to death. Second, I love this post! What a great idea - Ihope more people post their Christmas finds - it's a great insight into your personality + so sweet to see what you want to give this year - thanks!!
My word verification was saltice - worrisome for an Iowan!