Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sage's first lost tooth and shopping

Sage was so excited the other night when she lost her very first tooth. She was a bit sad when the tooth fairy didn't show up the first night. I told her the tooth fairy is probably very busy and will make it the next night. She said that she thought our tooth fairy was old and that's why she didn't make it the first night :) All was well when the next morning she discovered that the tooth fairy came and left her a dollar coin :)

So, I went back to Oh sweet Sadie today to take a lamp to light my things better and these are the things that found their way home with me :)
The necklace is from Miss Ruby Sue.
The two clips at the bottom and the two headbands are from This and That Creations.
And the cutely folded vintage fat quarters and fat eighth are from Simple Simon and Co.

Good thing I told myself that I couldn't buy anything huh? :)