Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two shows this week!

I have two shows I will be selling my wares at this week! The first is Jeni Gochnour's Holiday Art Show.

The second is Bijou Market!
Both are fun shows and would be a great place to get some Christmas Gifts whether they be for yourself or for others :)


Roxane said...

Fun! I will go to the Provo show for sure. I love your stuff! I bought several things last year at the Beehive Bazaar. My daughter carries around a bag you made and I bought a dress for her little girl which I love and some hair things and a pretty appliqued dishtowel, too pretty to use. I just hang it on a ring in my kitchen. Good luck with all the shows. You have the best things.

Amy said...

Thanks Roxane! It makes me happy you love the things you've gotten from me! Bijou Market will be fun!

jen said...

got a couple little hair snaps for my little one (she barely has any hair!) and I love the fabric, colors and that they actually stay in, hip hip!