Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This the extent of Christmas decorating that has been done around our home, courtesy of Jade.
We are hoping to be able to go pick out a tree today.

I have been able to get the house cleaner, yay!
And I finished these necklaces for the girls for Christmas, I love them.
We also found a new to us car, the exact one that Casey wanted, which there wasn't many to be found, I guess everyone wants a Subaru Forester. Now we just have yet another payment a month, ugh. It is a very nice car though, and I think we are set for vehicles for years to come.

We took Sage off the antibiotics, she was calling home every day from school. I think in part from the nausea, and I think she was just wanting to be home, maybe taking a little advantage of the situation :) We have been giving her acidophilus and cranberry extract, and her tummy is feeling much better. Today she stayed at school the whole day for the first time in probably over a week, so that makes me happy.

That's all the news for today!
I hope you are having a lovely day and are more ready for the holidays than I :)


Tricia said...

So glad that things are looking up. THe necklaces are darling. I'm sure that your girls are thrilled to have such a creative mom.

Amy said...

Love the necklaces and glad to hear your daughter is feeling better!

Roxane said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I love the little bird ornaments I bought at a show. They are the favorite things on my tree. I should have bought the rest of the ones you had at the Beehive Bazaar! My daughter and I always talk about how talented you are! Have a Merry Christmas!

elizabeth said...

So glad Sage is feeling better! And glad you found a nice safe vehicle, too. <3 And those necklaces are killer! You are so talented!

Rosie said...

Love Love Love your necklaces! I have been wanting to make one forever. I have been making headbands for nieces for Christmas. I hope to make a few necklaces too. Have you figured out how to hook the ribbon so that it hangs flat? I haven't tried yet. Just wondering if you have any tips!

I just finished making some adorable aprons- the mess is awful!!

karen said...

Hey you are an orbca winner! congrats