Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today I am grateful for many things:

The beautiful sunshine that has shone on our weekend, it's been a beautiful weekend here. As I sat on my front porch this afternoon getting a good dose of vitamin D, I caught a glimpse of spring, birds singing, sun shining, I didn't even need a sweater, it was lovely.

I am grateful for essential oils and am amazed at their healing powers, I have seen it with Sage.

I am grateful that Casey and I got a night to ourselves this weekend, I always love spending time just Casey and I. I love him.

I am grateful for leftovers from said above night out, they are yummy :)

I am grateful that even though Casey likes to go on "mountain drives" aka four wheeling in his Subaru, that even though he got it stuck in 2 foot deep of snow in a ditch, that him and my children were safe and so was our car. And it just so happened that Kinsley was with her biological Father and had forgotten a pair of shoes she needed, and he was driving to come pick them up just as Casey called me to tell me he was stuck. I am grateful that Morgan (Kinsley's biological father) volunteered to help out. Because I wasn't very excited about locating my Dad's Suburban and trekking up the mountain myself. I do not like driving my Dad's Suburban that thing is a beast, so I would be especially nervous driving it up the mountain :)

I am grateful for quite moments to myself to gather my thoughts and putter about the house straightening things up and working on projects.

I am grateful that my back feels a bit better than it did a few days ago, and I can putter about and get things done.

In general I am just grateful, life is good :)


April and Jared Fenn said...

cute post. :)

We haven't seen you at church lately, everything OK?

Sharon L said...

We should all follow your example and remember to be grateful for all things in our lives - small and large!!