Sunday, April 10, 2011

A quilt block and other stuff

I finally got around to finishing up my very last block for A Notion or Two, this one was from January.  What a bad bee member for me to take so long, tisk tisk.

I found this little paper in the recycling pile this morning, it made me happy.

Bijou Market was a success, plus look at the fun things I traded for.  I think trading is the best part :)
The water spigots are probably going to be made into a jewelry display.  I traded those and the hand drawn bicycle cards with Blue Door.  The purple lace cards I traded with fifth & hazel.

I always seem to forget after having a few months break, how much energy participating in shows takes.  They are always tons of fun, and I am always so exhausted after, the good kind of exhausted though :)


Kate said...

Hi Amy, I'm so pleased you visited my blog so I could follow you back here.
I have just spent the last while reading back through your older posts and I love your blog. I love that you have three girls too, I love the gorgeous fabrics and bits of lace and stuff you sew with, I love your grateful posts, especially the one with your husband being woken up and having such low BS, wow!
I'll see you again soon. X

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You do great work - I knew you would do well. Hope the Jeni Gochnour's Spring Art show goes even better. Have fun on vacation!