Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting back in sewing mode

I am trying to get back into sewing mode.  I have been taking a break for a few weeks, but now I have to get to work, I have shows coming up and things that I need to stock up on.

It's grey and rainy here today, the rain smells lovely, I usually like rain in the summertime, but I was a little disappointed at the weather today.  Casey had to drive to Bear Lake for work and I had the thought of going with him and spending the day at the beach, the kids would have loved it.  But the weather wasn't the best for hanging out on the beach :( 

I've been cleaning and organizing areas of the house, on Saturday we had a yard sale and made a bit of money and got rid of alot of stuff which always feels good.  

My brother redid our tile by the backdoor.  It was white and I hated it, I would clean it and then two seconds later it would be dirty.  So now it is a tan color and it looks so much better and I won't have to be bugged by the dirt because I won't be able to see it.  :)

The girls are still getting use to spending so much time together :)

I swear when something in our house breaks, it tells everything else to break soon too.  First it was the furnace, then the swamp cooler, the toilet, and now our washer is leaking.  The joys of home ownership :)  All that aside though, I really do love my home.

Nutella makes everything delish.  We've been eating pretzels, graham crackers, and  smores with it, yum!

Now I must go start a new sewing project and maybe wash the dishes.

What have you been up to?