Thursday, June 30, 2011


I made up a small batch of potato salad for dinner later.   Homemade potato salad is just so yummy.  Dinner tonight will consist of grilled hot dogs (cause that is the only way to eat a hot dog).  On those hot dogs will be potato salad, raspberry chipolte barbecue sauce and bacon bits.  Except the children will probably just have a plain old boring hot dog.  And we have quite the variety of fruits and veggies cut up in the fridge to go with it.  Does anyone else just mostly want to eat fruit and veggies in the summer?
Now if you are thinking that hot dog concoction sounds weird, you should really try it, I thought it sounded weird but one night we were at one of my shows and Da HotDog King was there.  Umm, it was delish and I have been craving one ever since. Oh, and it was called the Picnic dog.  I will say the dessert dog was a little on the weird side for me :)
I'm excited for dinner :)


deborah said...

Yes, the potato salad looks yummy! But the bowl is what got me jazzed! I own the exact same one! Thrifted in the Land Of Lincoln ten years ago!