Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shop Hop!

 I wasn't originally planning on going to all of Shop Hop, but my girls said they wanted to go, so go we went.
They were so good too, I was pleasantly surprised, especially since to finish the whole thing I bet it took us around 12-14 hours, but we did spread it out between 3 days.  Here's my pile of goodies, there is also an order of fabric that came in the mail yesterday in there.

 I thought I would break it down into separate purchases, for some reason most of the time when I purchase fabric it usually all coordinates.  And it is not because I have a project in mind for it, I buy fabric because I love it and then I figure out later what to do with it.
This was my order from, most of it is AMH Loulouthi except for the three on the right.

These are some of favorites that I got, that yellow is from Lecien and it feels oh so lovely, I have a piece of vintage fabric that it feels just like it. Oh and see?  I told you I coordinate my purchases :)

 This was actually from two shops, that yellow and black on the left was from one and the rest came from another.  Aren't the bikes and the green one with the birds and what looks like bike wheels on it so cute?  They are organic from Birch Fabrics and they feel lovely.

 These were $4 a yard, I love a good deal!

 These ones were $3 a yard, yum!

 These ones were just over $4 a yard, and there were many, many more yummy feedsack prints that I wanted, but I restrained myself because I had already spent too much money.   :)

At the shop where I purchased these ones, my girls were just playing around, but they kept saying that they were biting each other and I got a little tired of it, and I said the next time I hear that someone is biting, I am going to bite you all.  They thought that was the funniest thing ever and couldn't stop laughing :)

These were all my free goodies!  some fat quarters, some fat eighths, a charm pack for finishing the whole shop hop, a little kit to make a bookmark, and a toadstool pincushion kit.  Jade won a couple games too and she picked out fabric for herself, she didn't even want to share it with me which I thought was cute.

We had fun driving about the whole Wasatch valley, not sure if I would do it again, but my girls and I had fun, it makes me happy that they are grown up enough to enjoy something like this with me.   :)


Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! And you got some really beautiful fabric. Glad your girls had a good time, too!

Whosies said...

there was a bunch of good stuff wasn't there? great collection.