Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I finished up these patchwork tote bags a bit ago.  These were a happy accident.  I was starting to clean up my fabric area and I had a whole bunch of upholstery fabric scraps that I just couldn't bear to part with.  I added doilies and ribbons and lace to them too, I am happy with the outcome. 

I am busy getting ready for next weekend, I have two shows, Oh Sweet Sadie, and The Avenues Street Fair.

Today I am thinking:
Why every time we get Casey's paycheck is it immediately gone?  Seriously, what the crap?!
Being poor sucks, but hey we have lots of love around here :)
I'm glad our fridge and pantry are full of food, which makes me think of the delish freshly cut watermelon, I should eat some of that.
That my newly cleaned and organized fabric shelves are beautiful and they make me super inspired to sew.
I am making lasagna for dinner, yum!
It's kinda nice having the girls back in school, I think they like the routine, and I like that they don't argue and pester each other as much :)

I hope you are having a lovely week!


Sharon L said...

I just love when something beautiful comes from a pile of scraps (bottom left is my fave!). I sometimes think we are that much richer for being poor. We don't waste, we're creative with what we have, and we somehow definitely have more love!! All the best for this weekend!

Terry said...

I hear being rich is soooo overrated!!
When we are struggling to make ends meet, we rely on each other alot more! Not that I like the state of poverty, but it has it's advantages.

Cindy said...

Lovely! Great combinations. An old saying "What we lack in money, we make up for in love".

Elissa said...

what the crap? is right!!! something about a family of five and one humble paycheck will do that to us.

mine don't start school until next wednesday and they NEED it. what you refer to as "pestering" (probably because you have a house of girls) is an all out scream and slug fest at my place. i am happily counting the days.

love the bags! so awesome how many really cool festivals you have around you!

* elizabeth * said...

beautiful! And yeah, being poor can be no fun. But it makes you more creative I think..... And now I want lasagna.... ;)

stampedconcrete said...

love those bags .. simple but beautiful .. thanks for sharing ..

stampedconcrete said...

love those bags .. simple but beautiful .. thanks for sharing ..

poppyart said...

the doilies really finish them.x