Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This is a picture of my girls in June when we went to Snowbird and stayed a couple days with my family, and yes that is snow behind them.  I thought this was the coolest picture, it may not be the best picture, but I like it.  We almost lost this picture along with some others that we hadn't backed up yet.  
Our computer got some nasty virus last week, which had appeared to have made ALOT of things on our computer to have disappeared.  Luckily, the place where we purchased our computer from was able to recover everything.  And now our computer is virus free and happy :)  And now we have a better antivirus program :)

I have been super busy with alot of things.  Craft Lake City was this past Saturday which was fun and I took zero pictures.  We have been camping which I also took zero pictures.  By the way, camping is not for me :)  I have been doing a TON of sewing and not taking pictures of that either.  I have had extra time since not having a computer for a week, and I realized that I liked it alot.
Anyways, this past week, I have been thinking alot about how much time I have been spending online, and truthfully it is WAY too much and I think it has been making me unhappy and super over stimulated.  There is so much fun and inspiring things online, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.
There are way too many unread things in my google reader, and I think I just may mark them all as read, and I am going to go through and unsubscribe to a whole bunch of things, it is time for some simplification in my life, I want my time back, I enjoyed this past week without a computer, and my goal now is to spend alot less time on the computer and alot more time focusing on being with and taking care of my family and creating :)


Jessica and Tim said...

I feel the same way here. We get free cable here at the townhouse and sometimes I just turn it on to "wind down". Instead, I think it makes me feel like garbage. I'm gonna go back to reading books instead, I think. Here's to hoping we can simplify!