Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christmas Sweaters

Yes Christmas Sweaters before Halloween :)
Aren't these the cutest sweaters ever?  I had to share them here cause I am dying over how freakin awesome they are.  Some of the buttons are even from my great grandma that I have been saving for the perfect project.
So, I showed this picture to an aunt of mine that loves to crochet and asked if she could do something similar for my girls for Christmas.
I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome and I now have to restrain myself from giving them to my girls before Christmas :)
The best part?  All I had to do was buy the yarn, and then we did a trade, she picked out some bags and wallets for herself and my two cousins, trading is the best!


tara said...

Oh how fun! Great trade

Sharon L said...

You are so fortunate to know someone who can crochet/knit. Those are beautiful. Awesome trade off. I'll be taking knitting classes this January - after the Christmas rush.

katri said...

What beautiful sweaters! Are you planning on doing any shows right before Christmas? I will be in town for a wedding. I love your things.


Amy said...

Thanks Katri! My last show before Christmas is The Beehive Bazaar and The traveling Trunk on December 8th-10th. I have buttons for both of them in my sidebar. If you are in Utah later than that, if you would like you could come to my house and I could pull everything out for your own private shopping session :) Hopefully you see this, I couldn't find an email in your profile.