Friday, January 27, 2012

2nd post of the day :)

 So, after posting my first post today I looked over at this wall that is next to me.  It's in pretty sad shape, I finally have had it with this wall.  I did start pulling letters off the wall before I took this picture, and a couple of the button letters had fallen off for the millionth time and were waiting to get some buttons re-glued.  This wall has water damage from the roof leaking a couple of years ago, yes I said years :)  Sometimes things take a back seat when you live in an old house and have limited funds :)
Oh and there is spider webs and the wall is dirty, just keepin it real folks.

So, I pulled everything off the wall, cleaned it and hung up my amazing little quilt with push pins and it already looks better.  Of course it still needs some fixing, I think this summer when we have the funds we will fix this wall and I want to repaint the whole kitchen.  But for now, this quilt is hiding some of the walls problem,  it doesn't bug me as much as it did before, and I get to admire my quilt, yay!



I love the quilt! happy happy happy colours. Kxx

Jessica said...

The quilt is beautiful. What a good idea.

* elizabeth * said...

Awesome. Don't you love how a little thing can make a big difference? Love the quilt, love the ingenuity. ;)

Elissa said...

that is a super happy kitchen quilt. perfect. and, don't feel bad about the "years" bit. i, too, have peely paint (also green, but in my bathroom) from water damage a couple years ago AND a hole in my kitchen ceiling from the same :-)

raima said...

Amazing Creative work. Good Idea

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