Friday, January 27, 2012

yummy finds

Do you like how I said I would be around here less often and then start posting more?  
We'll see if this keeps up :)
Last weekend I sold my things at Fleaology.   I had never been before and now I am hooked!
There was so many beautiful things there and all for very reasonable prices.  Too bad I'm lame and didn't take any pictures, they have some pictures on their blog you could go check out.  The amazing quilt I found was only $5!  It's about 36" square and I want to hang it on the wall somewhere.  The pom pom trims are vintage and so much yummier than any brand new pom pom trims.
The two pieces of fabric I found were purchased at the Treasures Antique mall in Springville.  That was the first time I had been there and I was lame again and didn't take pictures, there are two big buildings full of fun finds, I think Casey and I spent at least two hours there.
I also got the cutest little shelf for my girls, I'll share that when we find some time to clean up the playroom and find a place for it.  And I found a really cute vintage dress for me, I'll share that later too.
Have a good weekend! I hope you have something fun planned!  Around here there is going to be cleaning the playroom, getting rid of stuff, sewing, yummy weekend breakfasts, and just hanging out.


Shawn said...

I just came across your site, not sure how, but I am new to blogging and have started one of my own. I am an artist and love to craft but by trade am a graphic designer. My husband and I live on a sailboat and sail around while working from our boat. It has intrigued people so I have started to write about it. That leads to me leaving you a note that I am so inspired by your work and I only wish I could be creative or at least have the storage and ideas to create as you do. Lack of space and time (owning a company) does not make it easy for me to be crafty. Keep up your great work and I have signed up to start following your blog now too! Thanks for the new found inspiration!