Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Piles is what describes everywhere around my house as of late.  The above pile is a pretty one at least, a batch of dish cloths waiting to get the rest of their tags.  I have other piles, like dishes, and laundry, and toys, and piles on the kitchen island.  And piles and piles of cut out sewing projects.
I haven't been getting much done for the past two weeks, I have been sick with a cold turned sinus infection, I think I am finally on the mend though, still sick, but feeling more like myself.  So, this finished project makes me super happy.  Being sick and not feeling like doing anything but napping and playing Dr. Mario on the Wii kinda drives me nuts.  I like getting stuff done so when I can't I kinda feel useless.

I have some fun news! I get to sell my things at Fleaology on January 21st!
it's located at
Olson's Garden Shoppe 1190 W 400 N Payson, UT


* elizabeth * said...

Oh my goodness, Mustaches cloths! You can take the rest of the year off, that invention is accomplishment enough!! LOL feel better soon, love xo

Anonymous said...

missing your blog, you must be busy!

Julie M

Lily said...

Oooh that owl clothes are adorableee! And the one with the little birdie, too! So cute! :)