Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Swoon block #2

I am having so much fun with these swoon blocks, it's been awhile since I have been so excited about quilting.
My blocks are definitely not perfect, but they are good enough for me.  If I was too picky I would not enjoy the process. 

My birthday was earlier this week, we went to dinner with Casey's family to a favorite local Chinese restaurant.  The owner is this funny old Chinese man that talked to us for quite some time, then he played me happy birthday with a leaf, I was super impressed and wished that I had recorded it.  And then they brought out this little plate with this Chinese fruit on it, I can't remember what he said it was called, but it was delish, almost like a peach or a pear. 
Have I told you my friends that I keep finding grey hairs?   I never would have thought that I would be finding grey hair at age 32, oh well.  I guess I never thought I would have a 12 year old when I was 32 either.  Kinsley is going to be turning 12 in a couple weeks, holy crap!  I'm not sure if I am quite ready for the emotions of an almost teenager, they are already beginning to start :)


Julie M said...

Looks great! I have some of the multi colored fabric, love how you used it.

Jeanna Whittington said...

I just wanted to drop a comment and say hello and let you know I'm a new follower :) I found you on and I'm glad I did you have a lovely blog :) Hope you have a great weekend

Julie said...

Missing your blog, I am sure you are busy with life.