Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 Valentines Day Dinner, I knew Casey would love to grill some steaks, we very rarely eat red meat, he was super happy :)

Key Limes which were made into a delish key lime pie which is now gone.

The last piece of a homemade birthday cake, there is now a 12 year old in this home. (what!)


Limited edition hair barrettes (being limited edition because I NEVER want to glue those together again)
These hair barrettes that I didn't enjoy making, I mean these limited edition hair barrettes will be available at my spring shows coming up, until they are gone.  I do love how they turned out though :)


I found a small suitcase at the thrift store last week, it was bigger than the one that Sage has now, so I let her have it, I think she picked out some fun fabrics for it.


Julie said...

Phew! you are back. love the suitcase. I bet my daughters would love one too, need to keep my eye out.

Jessica and Tim said...

I love those hair barrettes. How much are you selling them for? Any chance you have some to give to your mom when she comes out in a few days?

Sarah Larsen said...

How can I get some of those barrettes!!??? I'd love to pay you for some. :)