Sunday, July 6, 2008

Best pants ever!

At the Farmer's Market on Saturday, I discovered these pants. Yoga pants made of bamboo. The girls selling them had them on and I loved them, also, I have a pair of pants this style already that I love except those ones I had found on etsy and they are patchwork cotton. I had a hard time forking over the cash for them, because they are pricy, but I wore them today and they are the most comfortable pants that I have ever worn in my life. They are so soft and breath so well, and they are unisex, which I liked the idea of because if I was going to pay the price for them, I thought it would be cool that my husband and I could share them. I think I may be buying some more in a different colors, because I love them so much, and because my husband won't wear the blue color that I got, he said he would wear grey or tan. If you live in the Salt Lake City area and are interested in them, I would check out their event schedule because the price is a bit less than if you were to purchase online. So here's the website MXW

So do you like my very professional picture of me standing on my bed to see in the dirty mirror? :)