Sunday, July 6, 2008

Oh blogging, how I have missed you!

I don't have new internet yet, but for some weird reason it's deciding to cooperate! I have missed blogging. So here I am again. Please don't be mad at me sweet blog for it has not been my fault! Last Sunday I wanted to share my cute skirt that I remade in all of about 10 minutes. It began as a very nice linen skirt that I have had for who knows how many years, but haven't worn in awhile. And I collect vintage trims and wanted to use it for something. So I cut it shorter, added a couple of trims, I even left the bottom of the skirt with a raw edge because I think it will look even cuter as it frays, and now I have a cute skirt that I will wear!


Rowena said...

Now that's my kind of crafting.

If I can do it with a pair of scissors, I am on board. The workings of a sewing machine mystify me.

My dreams of being a Brooklyn Martha Stewart have died.