Friday, July 11, 2008

Girly Shirts!

I've made shirts like these for my girls before, and I've been thinking about making some of these Girly shirts to sell for awhile but haven't had the time to make any till now. These are some of my favorites that I made. My most favorite one is the pink one on the bottom, I love how the mushroom one turned out too!


Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

So cute! Are you selling these? I looked in your Etsy shop, but I didn't see these particular shirts. If you're selling them, I would love to buy that top dark pink one. If you're not selling them, I'll just drool over them from afar! ;)

megan said...

would a grown up look silly in one?!
i wanna toadstool shirt - waaahhhh!