Thursday, November 6, 2008

My own little "shop"

Last night I had a Vintage Fern open house, all summer when I was doing the Farmer's Market I always meant to take pictures and post them but never did, so I will now share my open house with you.
When I got it all set up, it really does look like it's own little shop.
If you look close at my dish towels in the right hand corner, you will see my newest design for Christmas, a Christmas tree with a bird resting on the top, I was very excited about these.

I have a ton of inventory. Here we have a sampling of my purses.

My favorite new things to make; vintage flower earrings, and wool felt hair clips.

Lots of baby stuff and ornaments.

More ornaments, cards, & notebooks.

And lots of bibs, onesies, t shirts, pillowcase dresses, little girls purses and aprons.

And one million appliqued t shirts, and also another new favorite thing to make customized slip dresses.
Sometimes, I look at all these things I have made, and can't believe that I have made it all and can't even imagine how many hours it would all add up to if I had kept track.
Another bonus about having an open house....... My house is clean and tidy and we are going to attempt to keep it that way, oh how I love a clean home, it feels so good.


elizabeth said...

Where do you find the time!?
I feel so unproductive now, haha!
everything looks wonderful!

Dana said...

How can I buy some? I'd love a long sleeved t-shirt appliqued with a bird or an owl. :) Plus, I'm sure there are other loviles too!

dana said...

Wow, your stuff is adorable! I'm impressed with your inventory too. Beautiful stuff.
Glad I found your blog too.
(different dana from the one above :))