Saturday, January 17, 2009

Did I tell you I'm in a Virtual Quilting Bee?

Dana from The Old Red Barn Co. invited me to join a virtual quilting bee that started this month, it's called A Notion or Two. I have a button in my sidebar if you want to see what is going on there. I was both excited and nervous about doing it because the only quilts I have really made are simple patchwork blocks, nothing special. I decided it would be fun and it would challenge me, plus I have been wanting to make my girls new quilts, so maybe this will get me in quilt mode. So this is what I would call my first real quilt block, it is for Amy.
I love Denise Schmidt quilts, so I got the inspiration from her, I have her Quilts book, and I also was looking at her website.
Amy asked us to do something non-traditional and wonky with an appliqued bird, I hope she likes it!

Off the quilting subject, do you ever have days when you think to yourself, I'm lookin' pretty sexy? Well, that was me today, and I felt like sharing. I played with my hair today and I think it ended up looking very romantic like :) I thought the picture above was kindof cool, between the flash, and my (dirty) antique mirror, it looks like a fairy just flew in front of me leaving a sparkling trail behind.

Profile shot. Pretty hot hair eh? Thanks I thought so too :)


Whosies said...

oh yeah...chick-a-chick-ahhhhh. you know feris bueller ;)

Amylouwho said...

Yes, the hair IS lovely! But I love the quilt block! I already commented in our Flickr group - but I wanted to tell you here too! Plus - I'm in Utah right now visiting my mom who lives in Draper! I'm meeting the other Amy (Park city girl) in Midway next week, probably Tues. morning - interested? It could be a fun bloggy meet up for all of us!

OH and Amy from Commonplace (do you read her blog?) she made a button for all the blogging amys - it's so funny! if you are interested in being added to the list let me know and I'll get you her email.

Now that I have left you this big long comment - i realize I should have just emailed you.

Nice to meet you, by the way!

Betweens said...

I think your block is very cute and great for thinking outside the box. I also love your self assured ability to know when you do look "sexy". You have a lovely face that honestly you could suit anything. From one quilter to another. oh and great music too!!

Dana said...

Your block rocks!!!

And your hair rocks too! Have I told you before how much you look like my sister-in-law? You guys could be twins!

elizabeth said...

Very hot hair!!

elizabeth said...

And I love the quilt block. great job.

elizabeth said...

(I know, three comments on one post?)
There's a fun little scrapdown going on at sycamore stirrings and it made me think of you right away. The link if you're interested:

dana said...

Your square is awesome. LOVE the bird applique on front.
And um, yea, your hair looks pretty awesome too.
You're beautiful, hands down. Enjoy your good hair day!

threelittlebirds said...

I'm so happy I found your etsy and blog today... i'll definitely be back to visit.

allyn said...

sweet first quilt block. sassy hair. and when upon entering your blog, the song that came on was the one from prince caspian which i just barely watched this weekend. love it.
add this one to your 'CRAFTINESS"' file.