Friday, February 13, 2009


I have been in a weird funk lately, and it's time to do something about it. So, I am hypoglycemic and my thyroid doesn't work how it should, I stopped taking the medicine for my thyroid quite some time ago because I never noticed a difference with it, plus the last time I got my thyroid tested it was just a little low, and that was without the drug. I haven't been taking the best care of myself lately so I have not been feeling the best, I am very nervous about who knows what, nervous anxiety comes with the hypoglycemia if you don't take care of yourself. Oh, and yesterday Casey (Mr. Fern) had to go to the doctor's for his work and he found out that his blood sugar is just a tiny bit high, and he has diabetics in his family. So, it is definitely time for a change! So, Casey and I have decided to start going to bed at a decent time so that we can wake up early to work out, and make a delish, healthy breakfast. And we are cutting way back on our sugar intake. I'll be honest here, this is going to be a hard one for me because I crave sugar (also a symptom of hypoglycemia) Why is it that you crave the most what you shouldn't have? I should basically be eating like a diabetic. Okay enough of that, wow that was long, sorry.
Before I started typing my life story I really just wanted to share what what making me happy this morning :)
My new grapefruit spoon I purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond with a giftcard from my birthday.
Grapefruit is a very happy thing for me.

I was stalking Target yesterday in hopes that I would find some of the Orla Kiely line, and yay they had some of it out! So I bought a few things, one of which is this tablecloth that I am using to make new curtains for my kitchen! I still have to keep stalking Target till they have the rest out!

This skirt in the Seams to Me book I got for Christmas. I'm going to make some for my girls, but first I am going to make me one with some of my vintage linens.

This face, especially when she says "Mom?" and I say "yes"
"I Love You!"
What is making you happy this morning?


Whosies said...

hey amy- not that you need to go on the diet but the south beach one if fabulous for sugar eaters. it really helps out. + this is crazy, but take iodine. email me. it is what the thyroid makes and what is usually low hmmmmm anyways. oh, and fish oil too. that might help.
love the skirt book.

Amylouwho said...

I love grapefruit! I eat it a really weird way - I peel everything away and eat the segments whole. It's messy, but I hate wasting all that juice. plus, I haven't been able to find a good grapefruit spoon like the ones my mom had when I was little. She won't give them up either! Maybe I need to go buy the one like you have.

I also love that fabric(tablecloth) you bought for curtains! My pillows on my couch are made from napkins and placemats from Target.

You'll have to let me know how you like the patterns in that book.

Plus, I love how your quilt blocks are turning out. I'm getting ready to start mine this weekend!

kathleen said...

i'm sorry you and your husband are dealing with health issues . . . never any fun but i think it's awesome that you have a plan and that you're doing it together. sounds like a recipe for success. :)

i've been stalking target lately as well and i need to stop but it so hard . . . that store has way too many things i 'need'. i love the orla keily line too! making curtains from the tablecloth . . . very clever . . . post pics when you can.

have a great week! :)