Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I found this via Kelly McCaleb's Tumblr.

I'm being selfish, this post is what I need today:
A list of things I am grateful for in no particular order:
* my hard working husband
*that our family is healthy
*we have a beautiful, cozy home that we love
*my best friend Casey (my husband)
*the love Casey and I share for each other
* the love of my children
* my faith
* my beliefs
* family
* that all the flowers and bushes around our home are starting to bloom
* gelato
* my fairly clean and tidy house at the moment
* prayer
* the lovely wall of vines I have to look at out the window
* a talent that I love and can share with others and make money at all at the same time
* that I am able to be a stay at home Mom
* laughter
* smiles
* a garden, which we need to till and plant
* my Heavenly Father
*life's lessons

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Dana said...

I'm grateful for kind friends that send amazingly beautiful fabric. Cause that was so nice. And so unexpected. And I love, love, love the fabric. Thank you Amy!

Have I ever told you that your's is one of the first blogs I check everyday.

And your quilt-along quilt is going to be soooooooo stinkin' cool!!! Those fabrics! I can understand your hesitation in cutting them but when in quilt form you will be able to look at them all the time and use them. :)