Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ready to be quilted & fabric love

Two posts in one day? My quilt sandwich is ready! Aren't the elephants the cutest? I think I am going to make a small test quilt sandwich first before I start on the real thing. So, I had to drive all over a few cities today to find the right darning foot for my machine. Finally I found one at Hancock Fabrics, who knew that a darning foot cost $25? Not me. I'm glad I found it though.

Of course I had to look at fabric, I mean I drove 20 minutes to get to the store :) When I saw this handerchief fabric, I snatched it off the shelf like someone was going to steal it away from me. I am completely smitten over this fabric, I absolutely love it. I bought two yards of it, and when I payed, happily it was on sale! In the picture it is folded in half, so you are seeing a yard, would'nt it make the cutest quilt? Actually it would make alot of cute things. I think I am sad I did'nt buy more, maybe I'll have to make another trip.
Now I'm off to figure out this machine quilting thing!


Amber said...

The darning foot will be well worth it - believe me. Good luck and just take it nice and easy. That handkerchief fabric is absolutely adorable! It would make the cutest quilt - definitely!

Whosies said...

happy quilting! it will bring you into a whole new world. you have been fore-warned. loved the little yellow baby quilt too. i need some of that fabric, with the hankies. oh, yea.

Leslie said...

that handkerchief fabric is stunning....what a fantastic find....i wish i could get my hands on some.

elizabeth said...

eeeek! that hankie fabric is too. die. for.
Lucky girl, it's tooo fab!

Dana said...

Great looking baby quilt! Can't wait to see how the quilting goes.

And that fabric???? Who is the maker? I want to find some online!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

I loooove it! I really want it!!!


paperlili said...

Oh my. The handkerchief fabric is an EXACT match to a Cynthia Rowley duvet cover from Target about 7 years ago. I only know that because I had it on my daughters bed for 4 years...until a couple of the handkerchiefs wore away. It is waiting for me to repair it. Oh how I wish I could find this fabric myself. This gave me hope though.

Tandra said...

Im new to your blog!
Oh PLEASE share the maker of this hankie fabric!!!!

I collect vintage hankies and have tons, but dont seem to be able to cut them to use!!!
But fabric I could! LOL