Friday, July 10, 2009

Adventures in life and food

We have had an eventful week here at our home. Well, I'll say we have had an eventful year :)
I guess Heavenly Father has had some lessons for us to learn. The first big "event" of the year was Casey loosing his part time Firefighter job, that he has had for something like 7 years, pretty much the whole time we've been married. This was a couple months ago, it really sucked at first and I was really quite emotional about it being that it was 20% of Casey's income. After initially getting over it and realizing that we can do without that money, it has actually been nice. Casey gets to be home with us more, instead of being gone a good part of the weekends and some nights. He loves it cause he loves to play with the kids, and I think everyone is happier with him home more.
So on to the next "event", for the past few weeks Casey has been drinking ginormous amounts of water, I mean amounts that were freaking me out, and then of course peeing. all. day. long. I finally got him to go to the Doctor, and we found out he is Diabetic which Casey thought he would avoid by not going to the Doctor, DUMB BOY! Not fun :( It runs in his family, his Dad has been a Diabetic since childhood, so has his Grandmother, it's even on his Mom's side of the family.
We are trying to get it under control so that tests can be run to find out what type of Diabetes it is, but they can't test for that until his glucose levels are normal and they have not been anywhere close. Should be soon though.

Anyways, good timing to re-evaluate the way that our family eats. Not that we ate bad to begin with, but there is room for improvement. I've been looking into eating raw, which would be awesome for both Casey and I (I am hypoglycemic and should be eating like a diabetic too)
My first adventure in eating raw is pictured above, basically I shredded and chopped up any veggies I had in my fridge, (carrots, a handful of snap peas, celery, sweet mini peppers, and some chives from our garden) then mixed a little organic italian dressing with it and rolled it up in a tortilla. YUMMY! I prepared enough vegetables for a few wraps, so I only mixed the dressing with the veggies I used for my wrap so the rest would stay good longer. I will definitely be eating this again. We won't be eating all raw foods, I just thought it would be awesome to incorporate more raw foods into our diet. This disease is going to get my butt back in gear when it comes to meals.

There was a time when i would spend hours preparing these delish meals for my family. I have gotten lazy, well maybe not lazy, just busy. I still prepare healthy food, but it has been more of a throw it together at the last minute kind of meals. (not that those can't be great either) Those jars up there on top of my kitchen cabinets are filled with all kinds of delish grains and beans and such that I need to start using again. I am excited. Not about the Diabetic husband of course but the yummy, healthy food.
I also am not going to buy candy anymore, this is more for me than Casey :)
No more swedish fish or red vines for me :)

I'll keep sharing yummy recipes I make!


Dana said...

You have had some major events happen this year. But I love your outlook and attitude. You must be such a calming force to your family. You are to me and I don't even know you in real life.

I look forward to learning all your new recipes.

Rafael's Mum said...

Go girl! You can do this! I know it is not easy changing your eating habits, especially if you are busy, but if you not try and do it all at once but do bit by bit (diabetis permitting of course)you will get there in the end. Your wrap looks yummy. A very quick thing to do with carrots is grate them, add sultanas, and hazelnuts, with a bit of olive oil. Ready! Apparently it is very good for you in this particular combination and quick and yummy!

dana said...

oh man. Sorry about the not-so-good events you've been having.
I'm really excited though to see your new adventures in eating. I KNOW there's room for improvement for us.

Kimberly Cherrine-Bell aka. greenhoneyhive said...

Hey to get food inspired(healthy wise) you might want to look at local food bloggers and gawkers has some not so good picks but you can set up your account and pick the healthy ones that inspire you and keep them in your own online "recipe book" I have found it very helpful. You can also do a search by ingredients for recipes which is quite helpful to buy cheap,local and in season. Also We just found out about Sunshine Market in Murray..We were told on Wednesdays they honor the old add from that last week with produce that was on sale for half of the sale price as well as honoring the new add(adds can be looked up online as our neighborhood does not get these)...We were going to go check it out this week and give the 411 on my blog. Hope that helps. I had to start eat a basic diabetic diet even though I don't have it.....I have a rare genetic condition that makes it almost impossile for my body to process carbohydrates if I eat over 5 grams at a time....I have to eat small amount all day or my body turns it all to fat and then my body cannot access the fat for fuel...Very complicated and very frustrating.....Just an FYI you also might want to try too.....Major eye candy and inspired ideas........Kim Cherrine-Bell