Thursday, July 8, 2010

First of the season

First bowl of raspberries, mmmmm. We are going to have raspberries coming out of our ears this year :)
I feel like I haven't been around here much. I have been busy. Busy hanging out with my kids, busy keeping my home clean, taking naps, sewing, gardening, going on adventures. Fun busy stuff :)
I also am still trying to figure out what is going on with my health. I talked a bit about it here.
Well, I am feeling better than I was then, but, my body isn't liking the thyroid pill I have been taking, first the dose was too high and my heart rate was racing and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, so my dose was lowered and my body still hasn't liked it, I would take my pill for about 4 days and then my heart would start hurting again, like scary hurting, like radiating into my left arm, fun right? Plus, I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago because it felt like I had swollen lymph nodes in my armpits. Luckily, that is probably due to hormone changes, also linked to my thyroid. Which leads me to this, my face has been breaking out, what the crap?
Anyways, I called my doctor yesterday to see what to do about my thyroid, he suggested to try not taking the synthroid and see what happens. So, I guess we will see what happens, I'm a bit hesitant, because of other complications my thyroid has produced in the past, but I don't want my heart to hurt either. I have been taking a handful of vitamins and herbs, and I am going to cut back on sugar (I know I always say that ) and work out.
Sorry for the not so exciting post, it's just what's been going on around here :)
I do have pictures from the weekend I will share soon, Jade's baptism with a cute scripture bag I made, and we went on a hike on Monday and got some fun pictures.
Now, I am off to try to tackle some things today, sewing projects, church callings, laundry, dishes, fun fun stuff :)


Anna said...

the raspberries look delish! I just took some pics of ours. yum. sorry about your medicine, I know it's hard to find something that works

Kari said...

Just popping in to say I really enjoy your blog and I'm sending good thoughts your way.