Thursday, May 26, 2011

Party favors for Jade's Birthday

 My Dad showed up at my door one day with these in hand.  He likes to shop at this discount shop that is by his Popsicle plant.  
He thought I may be able to use them for something.  When Jade saw them, she asked if we could use them for her party favors, I said sure!

 So, I covered them in kraft paper (it actually was a recycled paper grocery bag).

 Then I added bits of Japanese tape and papers and stamped them.

 Then I had the thought of making small stationary sets to put inside.

Here's what I ended up putting in each one.  I purchased a package of round white sticker labels and stamped them.  I raided my stash of scrapbook papers and made cards.  I found little packages of tiny pens in the dollar section at Target, and I had the envelopes already.
Jade was pretty excited with the outcome as am I, it makes me happy when something like this turns out to be so much fun.

Now we just have a ton of cherry cola pop rocks :)


Debi said...

What a cute idea! I would have loved something like this when I was Jade's age.

~julee~ said...

Very, very, VERY cute!

* elizabeth * said...

Those are brilliant!