Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two different parties for the 7 year old

So, Sage's birthday was almost a month ago and here I am today finally posting about it :)
This was her homemade chocolate cake for the family party, YUM!  Homemade is the best.

She is so stinkin cute, I love her.

Blowing out candles at the family party.

This little set up was for her party with friends.  Sage LOVES stuffed animals, and when I found these bunnies for 50 cents a piece, I immediately thought it would be a fun activity for Sage's party. I also found little sweaters for them for super cheap, so I just made little skirts for them.  So when the girls started arriving, they picked a bunny, fabric and ribbon.  We made a flower to embellish the skirt and ribbons for the ears.

Here they are with their customized bunnies.

Birthday cupcake with green her favorite color.

Crafting cards

And here are the favors we sent the girls home with, a watermelon flavored rock candy sucker and I don't know if you can tell or not, but I made little tiny banners and wrapped them around those little cardboard pieces that bias tape is wrapped on.  That was a good scrap buster project.  All I did was cut about 2 inch triangles with my pinking rotary blade, I just eyeballed them, no pattern.  Then I sewed them onto ribbon that was about a yard long, leaving tails on each end for hanging.  Easy peasy!