Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fabric play

 This pile of DS quilts fabric came home with me today, it's yummy and oh so soft.

 This is the fabric I have decided to use for my swoon quilt. It's called Too Muchery by Helen Dardik.  I have decided that I will be doing 5 swoon blocks and the other 4 blocks will be made of the panel print.
This might be weird, but I feel a little out of my comfort zone because this is all one collection, I have never made a quilt out of one collection, I usually go the mixy matchy route.

And this is my hope valley all cut and ready for my made in cherry quilt.  Also a bit out of my comfort zone because it is one collection.

What have I gotten myself into joining two quilt alongs?  
And I told myself I wasn't going to join any this year until I had all my unfinished quilts completed.
That worked well :)


Jezibels ~ said...

So lucky you are to have all that new fabric, Ive been making quilts out of old shirts, sheets and curtains trying to use up my scraps. Have fun with the quilt alongs, looking forward to seeing your photos of your progress.

Marieke said...

The Joann's DS Quilts stuff is really nice, I think this is my favorite of the Joann's collections so far.

I just trekked out to my local store to see if they had the Aunt Edna collection in, and they had some but not all of it. One bolt I even saw sitting in a cart behind the clerk doing the cutting, still shrink-wrapped, so I nabbed that one too!

Sadly they didn't have all the prints (possibly still shrink-wrapped somewhere...), I'll need to go back to see if I can locate the 5 I'm missing.